The Benefits of Desktop Sharing

Desktop sharing is a software application used to share desktop
content with another computer and even enables remote access.

The computer can be on the Internet thousands of miles away giving desktop sharing distance-free capabilities.

Desktop sharing applications are used by network administrators to control computers with minimal travel time, since the technician can interact with the desktop as if he is sitting in front of the computer.

Uses and Benefits of Desktop Sharing

With the growth of multinational corporations and the requirements for large networks, companies need an Internet technology professional for each office location. Desktop sharing software provides a more efficient way to manage tech support issues. Online computer support personnel can change desktop settings, update software, troubleshoot PC issues and access files on the remote computer via a remote desktop connection. As long as the computer is powered on and has networking capabilities, tech support administrators can manage the machine including rebooting it for software updates. These remote applications can also be used for servers on the network.

Along with remote support, desktop sharing applications can serve as the ideal solution for web conferencing. With desktop sharing, a company can organize a group meeting online, such as for a webinar or for online meetings.

How Desktop Sharing Works

Desktop sharing requires a small application downloaded to the remote computer. A computer support administrator runs the “host” application on their PC and starts a remote desktop sharing session. The application runs on the support administrator’s machine. Good desktop sharing applications require a username and password before remote control is allowed.

Once access is granted, the IT support administrator is shown a window that encapsulates the remote desktop. The administrator takes control of the mouse and keyboard clicks of the host computer. Therefore, the administrator can open windows, type messages, view computer settings, and install software. Additionally, the administrator can download software using the Internet connection and browser of the host machine. This allows administrators to update security patches for the operating system or other software.

For group situations and team collaboration with desktop sharing, there is normally one presenter who hosts the netmeeting, but there can be multiple participants who join by running the client software and can then view all screen actions from the presenter live over the Web.

Desktop sharing software is beneficial for any business. It’s even beneficial for a home user who needs to manage machines on a local network. The software saves businesses money, and allows network administrators to work more efficiently. Before applying any remote application to your computer or a network, ensure it offers the security required for proper machine protection.

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