Dropbox et al

Dropbox et al

It’s been more than a week since the FTC layeth the smackdown on Dropbox, charging that the cloud-based file-sharing service hasn’t been totally honest with its customers about the degree of security it offers. At the heart of this matter is whether someone other than those authorized could access your files. Dropbox has conceded a small number of its staff have such access, but it went with the “yeah, but so do all the other service providers” defense.

We haven’t seen numbers yet, but some customers probably panicked and dropped Dropbox. One person who hasn’t is our own Jonathan Feldman, Director of IT for a city in North Carlolina. In one of his recent Global CIO columns, Jonathan explains that while he loves using file-sharing services, he’s never been naive enough to assume his files ARE 100% safe — and if you’re one of those people that is, there’s a lovely bridge he’d love to sell you.

Finally, from what I like to call the “Well, DUH!” department, Eric Zeman shares some insights on a recent survey that suggests that many of us are addicted to our smartphones and tablets. Next thing you know, people will be giving their iPads names. (Speaking of which, has anyone seen Lucy?)

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