GFI MailArchiver 6 (Build 20081107) patch summary

The information in this article applies to:

  • GFI MailArchiver for Exchange 6

Article ID: KBID003461

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The following patches have been released for GFI MailArchiver 6 Build 20081107.


  • Unless otherwise specified, all patches listed in this article will be included in newer builds of GFI MailArchiver.
  • Installation instructions are included with the download.

Description: This patch fixes an issue whereby under certain conditions Microsoft Outlook will crash giving an error similar to “Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error!”
Download Link: MARC6_OC_PATCH_20081031_01


Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20081212_01
Description: This patch fixes an issue whereby after installing GFI MailArchiver 6 build 20081107, the main page of the GFI MailArchiver Web UI would not be loaded correctly in Firefox or Safari web browsers.
Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20081212_01


Patch: MARC6_EEWIZ_20081219_01
Description: You are unable to export e-mails using the GFI PST-Exchange Email Export (eewiz.exe) utility when a folder name contains one of the following characters:

  • / (forward slash)
  • \ (backslash)
  • ? (question mark)
  • . (period)
  • ” ” (blank space)

This would result in a “An error occurred while enumerating folders” or “Access Denied” error message.
Download Link: MARC6_EEWIZ_20081219_01

Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20081219_01
Description: When forwarding an e-mail from the GFI MailArchiver Inbox (Outlook Connector) a Non Delivery Report (NDR) is generated by Microsoft Exchange and the message is not received by the recipient. This issue only happens in a Microsoft Exchange 2007 environment.
Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20081219_01


Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20081222_01
Description: Malformed “To” fields present in an e-mail’s header cause the e-mail not to be archived. An example of a malformed “To” field would be:

[email protected] (Smith, John)�

Where the comma (,) will be considered as a separator.
An Event with ID 7105 and the following description will be logged in the Application Event Log:

Plugin Enveloping plugin reports exception.
Additional info: The (|(proxyaddresses=smtp:  )(mail=  ))
search filter is invalid.

Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20081222_01


Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20090130_01
Description: The GFI MailArchiver 2 Email Export utility terminates unexpectedly after you select a GFI MailArchiver 2 database to export from and press “Next”.
Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20090130_01


Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20090115_01
Description: When a mailbox contains an e-mail with a Message ID greater than 255 characters, the User Mailbox Folder Synchronization may halt and as a  result, no other mailboxes will be synchronized.
Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20090115_01


Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20090203_01
Description: This patch fixes the following issues:

  1. When forwarding an e-mail from the GFI MailArchiver Inbox (Outlook Connector) to an external e-mail address, the recipient receives the e-mail without the attachment.
  2. Microsoft Outlook 2007 (installed on Windows Vista) crashes when opening an e-mail containing an attachment from the GFI MailArchiver Inbox (Outlook Connector).

Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20090203_01


Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20090219_01
Description: After installing Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, you receive an e-mail notification stating that “GFI MailArchiver failed to transfer emails into the backend database”. However, e-mails are still transferred successfully to the Archive Store.

At the same time, an event with the following properties is logged in the Application event log:

Type: Warning �
Source: MARC6Core
Category: None  �
Event ID: 6310

Plugin LogScheduler reports exception.
Logging: Submit failed.
Additional info: Port is Busy. All pipe instances are busy.

Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20090219_01


Patch: MARC6_PATCH_20090220_01
Description: You receive a Windows Authentication dialog box when you select the RECEIVED DATE or SENT DATE condition from the Advanced Search option of the GFI MailArchiver search page, within the Outlook Connector.
Download Link: MARC6_PATCH_20090220_01

Last Updated: 2nd March 2009

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